Defiantly Different

I think every generation has a piece of music thats game changing, a band they regard as the greatest, even today with declining album sales we have artists like Kendrick Lamar shaking things up and gaining of all things a Pulitzer. For me the band that changed everything were Nirvana and the music was Nevermind, it still inspires me to this day. At the time of the albums release Michael Jackson was in the number one slot in the US and music sounded empty and emotionless, when I heard Nevermind I was quite literally blown away, I had never heard anything so raw, so vital, it was pure energy pouring through the speakers. 

Nirvana nevermind 25th anniversary 1474738016 640x413

Nevermind has hit singles and catchy singles, it has slow parts and loud parts, but it constantly revealed itself, it was a piece of work that grabbed you immediately, but at the same time wasn’t in any way obvious, it makes no compromises, it’s unashamedly different. Lyrics that were poetic, clever and also oblique. The cover art allowed itself to be both simple, iconic and thoughtful, the title, which sounds apathetic wraps a body of music that is anything but, the band photo is blurry and the lyrics inside are cut up, pieces of songs, sliced up and reassembled. Every piece of Nevermind is consciously different, it’s never obvious, it’s never 100% clear and thats what make it transcend above other albums to be one of the greatest ever made, it all makes you want more.

The uncompromising nature of Nevermind is a lesson for us all, you can hear the passion, the energy and joy in the work, something we are driven to do ourselves. It balances reaching out to you with not being completely obvious, all too often organisations, companies and Governments treat their audience with little care or respect, they make the effort to be obvious but they rarely respect people enough to make them interested.

Nevermind is an incredible piece of work, it cannot be copied but it’s spirit can be followed, to always try and create things that are proudly different, intriguing and most of all magical.