The Ross, a contemporary boutique four star hotel and its sister hotel The Killarney Park, a luxury five star, are located in the heart of Killarney. Family owned and run with a personable high standard service, the business needed an overarching brand and identity system that defined a clear path forward, better reflected their true nature and focus on being a people centric offering with a unique Killarney style.

We created

  • Identity
  • Brand Strategy
  • Naming
  • Design & Art Direction
  • Digital & Print Communication
  • Editorial Communication
  • Employee Engagement

The Ross

Reviving the spirit of the Ross

The Opportunity

The Ross is a bright, fresh and contemporary hotel, which cleverly balances areas of calm with areas lively of conversation. The Ross sitting at the gates of Killarney Park is one of the towns oldest hotels, but the spirit of adventure has never left it. We discovered through our research and interviews how open they were to innovation, open to staff suggestions, open to new ideas. In turn we uncovered how inspiring their staff were with their thirst to be the best, they often took bus mans holidays to other renowned hotels and bars around the world to bring back new ideas to Killarney.


Ross 20Feature 2015
Ross 20Feature 2016

Vibrant Colour & Bold Typography

If you are different then you should stand out from the crowd. A key component of the brand would be the vibrancy and energy of the palette, we took our lead from the pops of colour throughout the hotel and the pops of colour from the food and drink. We balanced it to be bright not garish and to use it selectively but with confidence.

Another key element we found was that in the attic of The Ross they had found very old letterpress posters, these beautiful, bold icons from the past were proudly dotted around the walls. We felt that this strong use of typography would become a key playful element in the visual language. 

Drawn by hand

The Ross is an intimate boutique hotel where the personal touch is never far away. While the hotel has a long heritage the attitude is distinctly youthful with a passion for discovering the best the world has to offer and bringing that back to Killarney and adding their own twist. To share this personal vibrancy and energy and to act as a touchpoint to the brand we created the Ross identity as a signature, personal, distinctive, alive.


Playful language in bold type shares the spirit of The Ross, richly professional but deeply personable, fun, friendly & with a sprinkling of wit.

Ross large feature 01

We art directed a photoshoot to capture all the elements that make The Ross what it is, great staff, great design, great food & drink all wrapped up in a special atmosphere.

Ross 20Feature 2008

A boutique hotel now has a brand packed full of colour, character and creativity, a brand that can keep telling their story, a place where people can share conversation and create new wonderful memories.

Alkamee brought The Ross and The Killarney Park on a very exciting adventure in our rebrand. Nik and Adam’s fresh and creative style was exactly what our business needed and they understood our product by really getting under our skin! We feel that our new brand certainly reflects our personalities and vision for our business and we are delighted with the end result

Ciara Treacy – The Killarney Park and The Ross