In a landscape where there was little distinction between one storage provider to the next, Need More Space needed their brand completely overhauled to reflect its culture, difference and ambition. We needed to transform not just their brand but the entire Irish public’s perception of storage, illuminating everyone of its greater potential.

We created

  • Naming
  • Identity
  • Brand Strategy
  • Design & Art Direction
  • Print Communication
  • Branded Interiors
  • Wayfinding
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Creating room to flourish for Nesta

Opening opportunity

We set about uncovering their purpose from the get go as the brand needed to reflect what they were all about. Our research opened our eyes to the fact that storage was much more than moving house, it was very much an emotional business and about storing possessions which for one reason or another were precious to you but you had no room for. It also wasnt just about storing stuff for months on end, it could be an everyday facility for anyone to use at anytime.

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Inspiring change

Armed with our insights, we created a new customer proposition ‘Make room for life’ which provided a creative springboard for the brand, communicating exactly what storage allows you to do. The name Nesta is memorable, meaningful, full of warmth and hugely distinctive in the marketplace.

Coupled together, the new name and proposition became an incredible branding force and redefined the brand.

From directions to ducks, boxes to billboards, we built a flexible identity and vibrant visual expression that expresses both their service offering and the precious items stored under their care. The fresh, dynamic rebrand allows cohesion from facilities to uniforms, online to packaging. A complete 360 solution that inspires and humanises.

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Our rebrand has been an extremely exciting journey, from the moment I saw our purpose defined, I knew we were onto something huge.

Brian Hefferon, MD, Nesta™ Ireland

Room to flourish

Within 6 months of the rebrand, Nesta’s occupancy levels had risen from 60% to 90% making them busier than ever before. Even recruiting became easier, with candidates citing the brand as a reason for their interest. Today, Nesta continues to go from strength to strength and is planning a further €2 million expansion this year. With an accessible brand and fresh confidence, Nesta is now the largest storage provider in Ireland.

The entire process has been open, well thought through and each and every opportunity maximised. Alkamee have guided us through every aspect and reinvigorated our business with their thinking.

Brian Hefferon, MD,Nesta™ Ireland