Make Some Noise

A podcast about all things branding brought to you by Alkamee. Make Some Noise is an episode by episode guide to branding's power and potential.

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You can see it move & that's when it gets exciting

How to build brand impact

Season 2 Episode 3

How do you create a brilliant brand identity? How do you create cut through, break into new markets, reach younger audiences, improve sales and change perceptions? Brand identity – we delve into, discuss and describe the process behind building a brand identity full of impact.

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What's that one thing that makes that brand go, what makes that business tick?

The secret sauce of standout

Season 2 Episode 2

We discuss the culmination of Alkamee's 50 years working in the white hot heat of brands around the world. Then and now, reminiscing on our journey and uncovering what it takes to create a brand identity that breaks the spell of the status quo and wins the hearts and minds of your audience.

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Where you shop is more important than who you vote for

Adapting to Change

Season 2 Episode 1

Change is a powerful force for personal, organisational and societal growth, but is so often feared or resented. In this opening episode of series 2, we chat about everything from banking to the London tube map.

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Marks of excellence, symbols of inspiration

Making Your Mark

Season 1 Episode 4

We always say that a logo is only a part of a brand not the whole, but in this episode we talk a little bit about what a logo actually is, what it does and most importantly we share our ten all time favourites.

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The World has turned, tune in to the transformation

Change. What does it mean for you?

Season 1 Episode 3

2020 has been a dramatic year, a year of challenges and changes, we talk through the big picture and discuss what some of this means and also on the subject of change itself, one small word one big topic.

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Know what you're famous for and live it every day

Know what you're famous for

Season 1 Episode 2

What is brand positioning and purpose anyway? What's the difference? What do they do? How can they make your brand go? Get your positioning right and it can be the hidden force that will make your business fly.

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Difficult times create fresh opportunities

Keep on Communicating

Season 1 Episode 1

Why you should keep communicating. How can you pivot? Don't sell but don't stop spreading the word about your business. Who is nailing it, what can we learn from China and there will be an after so don't get so stuck in the crisis that you forget to plan for the future.