We work with ambitious organisations to deliver bright ideas, brilliant names & brand identities capable of redefining what's possible.

Alkamee Brand Agency.
Champions of change.

What we do

We are Alkamee, a Dublin based brand agency. We partner with changemakers, ambitious companies and industry leaders to unlock their potential, seek out their differences and distil their magic. We create brands with purpose and experiences that resonate with people in everyday impactful ways. 

We deliver naming, strategy & identity to build brands capable of creating positive change, building influence and helping people live better lives.

Alkamee. Champions of Change.


Discovering everything there is to know about your business that makes it successful – it's knowing it inside out. Here we are digging for gold, to uncover your ‘why’.

Brand Strategy

At the heart of every great brand is a defined purpose. Here we give you a compass to strategically position your brand to allow it to meet its goals.


A core speciality. We create memorable meaningful names that have the power to directly affect your brand’s perception and ultimately its success.


We create thoughtful, engaging identities together with a broad visual language that expresses who you are and inspires people to think, feel or act in a certain way.

Voice & Language

Your voice is as vital as your appearance. We define your unique voice & message to deliver results that connect and engage, stimulate and inspire.

Employee Engagement

Great branding starts from the inside out. If everyone within your organisation lives & breathes the brand promise, you'll reach the audiences you seek to recruit. 


Bringing your brand to life. Communicating your brand across various applications projecting a cohesive, tactile and integrated approach to connect and encourage buy in.


Designing and building sites that are functional, responsive & immersive. Creating online campaigns that engage, connect and sell your products & services 24/7.

Branded Environment

We design carefully considered immersive interiors to enhance the value of your brand and business, projecting a seamless physical brand experience.

Energetic, enthusiastic & a pleasure to work with. A boutique sized creative agency who feel like and deliver high street agency results.

Conor Stapleton | International Sales & Marketing Officer | Kaymed