With the World of payments changing rapidly Payzone knew it needed to develop a strong voice and position to get closer to the consumer to grow its multiple capabilities. Its family of brands stretching across retail, transportation, utilities, communities and charities could no longer operate in a disjointed manner. One brand with one voice, vision and team needed to be created to propel the organisation in the marketplace, reach new audiences and remain relevant.

We created

  • Research
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Architecture
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Employee Engagement
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Environment
  • Digital & Print Communication
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Reimagining the World of Payments

The Opportunity

Following an in-depth tender process, Payzone engaged us to firstly examine its brand architecture and strategic path to the future. Payzone as an organisation was composed of the well-known Parking Tag, the lesser well-known Easypaymentsplus and Myeasypay for schools and communities with Payzone for retail, utilities and tolling. A brand needed to be built that stood for something, that was about people, not products, that would revolutionise its whole operations and speak to a new target audience – the consumer. 

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Creating One Brand

We thoroughly examined and researched the possibilities for Payzone's brand architecture, weighing and presenting the pros and cons of each potential future direction. It soon became clear that Payzone could no longer be fragmented, it needed to be united to remain relevant. One brand with multiple touch-points was required to enable people in both business and daily life with a newly defined powerful position “We are re-imagining seamless transactions by creating the best customer experience imaginable.”

Experience is Everything

We built the brand around the idea of ‘Experience is Everything’ which imbues the brand with real energy empowering it to see way beyond transactional payments to the big wide World it enables. This externalizes the overarching positioning and a set of underlying brand values was created allowing the brand to build for the future, playing an essential role in everyday life invisibly enhancing every moment and curating a sense of control, all with courage, character and conviction.



Everybody has a story to tell. The ideas that shape the brand have been crafted into a straightforward compelling narrative that shares what Payzone does, for who, and why it matters, simultaneously engaging both hearts and minds. Ultimately, experience is everything.   

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Connected to Everything

In creating the identity, we developed a monogram of the letter 'P' which represents a seamless line connecting two points – Payzone is the invisible bridge that binds clubs and communities, products to people.



Vibrant and Flexible

Whilst our research informed Payzone was invisible to people in many ways, the one element that people recognised was its vibrant pink. We explored the colour pink in great detail to find the correct tonal shade, created a supporting colour palette to make it more immersive and developed a series of flowing patterns creating a voice that really brings the new purpose 'Experience is everything' to life.

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Bespoke illustration helps to communicate and articulate complex instructions in an abstracted or metaphorical way. The Payzone brand illustration style is bold, fluid and friendly and helps to create a distinct brand presence.

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Every element has been crafted to display a unique vision, every touchpoint has been examined for its potential to make a connection.

Nik Dillon, Alkamee

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The organisation now has an exceptional story to share and a revitalised brand that projects one voice and an authentic immersive experience at every single level. This truly taps into Payzone's real difference and exceptional customer experience that brings people together, effortlessly empowering their lives and their lifestyles. 

A new digital fundraising app for communities has been launched; transactions rose from 201million euros prior to launch to over 260 million in the 9 months post-launch, and users increased from 258,000 to over 400,000. Payzone has now evolved from a payments solutions provider to an ambitious fintech organisation.

Alkamee brought Payzone on an incredible adventure in our rebrand. I was always excited about where they were taking us. Their fresh and creative style was exactly what our business needed, and they understood our product and its potential by getting under our skin. They brought us through the process with clarity and inspired us to what we could do next, allowing us to easily make what formerly difficult decisions were. Our new brand reflects our personality and sets out our vision for the business; we are delighted with the result.

Nadine McKeone – COO, Payzone